I'm still waiting on repairs to be done that should have been taken care of months ago, the landscaping is still not completed, they talk a lot about what they are going to do but four months later I'm still waiting for my back yard to be completed, my steps to be redone after they began braking up two days after moving in, missing siding. They stop construction on the pool and play ground, they are only focusing on building other homes so they can be sold, and to *** with the ones who have already purchase.

I thing they are dragging their feet waiting for the one year warranty to be up so they will no longer be responsible for all the problems that they fail to complete . This is picture of the beautiful backyard I was promise while I was in the process of purchasing. I can continue with all the other problems but there isn't enough space to write them all.

Don't fall for the smiles, it's a LIE!!

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They do *** shotty work


All true never buy a house at High rose ridge there service is rotten and it stinks


Worst place to buy a house ever


One year some one bought a house at highroseridge ridge they cannot use the shower in the master bedroom it cracking you feel like you are falling through they refuse to come and fix it. There service stinks

Middletown, New York, United States #1052418

Highrose ridge finally made good on their promise and repaired the back yards of the homes. I am very happy with the out come. I realize like all new communities it take time to take shape , Highrose ridge is finally taking shape and becoming a great community to live.


All true. Basically they tell you what you want to hear.

The models are great. Your place will not have the same craftsmanship. I got turned off because of the lies. They LIE a lot!!!

Also they do extra work for the home in front of the sales office that way they keep their mouth shut and spread the lies to other potential home owners. The one home owner that's also on the board is on their side so don't even bother trying to get any help there.

I'm not saying not to buy. Just don't trust the smiles and get an inspection way before closing or you'll regret it.

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